At GenoScreen Lab, we’re not just a business – we’re a family on a mission. As a women-led enterprise, we understand the significance of knowing the truth about parenthood. Our commitment is to provide accurate DNA testing services, ensuring that families have the clarity they deserve regarding parentage. We advocate for the importance of fatherhood, empowering fathers with the knowledge of their biological connections.

In addition to our dedication to family integrity, we are steadfast in our pursuit of promoting drug-free workplaces. We recognize the vital role that safe and healthy environments play in building strong communities. Through our comprehensive drug testing services, we strive to safeguard workplaces, contributing to the well-being and security of our neighborhoods.

At GenoScreen Lab, integrity, compassion, and community well-being are at the heart of everything we do. We are more than a collection site – we are your partners in certainty, trust, and a brighter tomorrow.

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